Direct Bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap: Step-by-Step Journey

Step-by-Step Journey from Bangkok to Siem Reap

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Mochit Station (Chatujak)                                         Photo credit:

The bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap leaves from Mochit Station (You can also find buses that cross into Laos or Vietnam here as well). You can purchase tickets here in advance for a safer bet (what we did to get to Mochit Bus Terminal:

Update: Now you can get your bus tickets online!  You have to register on the website, pay a little extra fee, “It only costs an additional 20 Baht per ticket, and a 46 Baht ‘convenience fee’ per payment transaction. You can collect your tickets in advance from one of their offices or at the bus station one hour ahead of departure time.” – Kimberly (Thank you!)

Ticket Booth

Ticket Booth on 1st floor of Mochit Station

The ticket booth is on the 1st floor. You can only buy a one-way ticket from Bangkok to Siem Reap, the return route has to be bought in Siem Reap. The officer does not speak English, so normal steps would be:

1) Say your route (in this case) BKK – Siem Reap 2) Give the date of travel 3) Show your passport and if applicable your visa 4) Pick your seat (s) 5) Wait (a while) for the officer to fill out your info 6) Pay and snatch your tickets! The ticket is 750 baht.

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Side and front of the bus.

Now comes the travel date. Tada! The Bangkok – Siem Reap bus is real! The bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap now leaves daily at 8 and 9 am. We traveled on the 6th of April 2013 and this direct bus, we believe, is less hassle than most other ground transportation options. In the past, you would need to change to another bus service (Cambodian run company) at the boarder. With this direct route, however, you will be traveling on the same bus and with the same driver and staff the whole route.

Prepare some food and drinks prior to boarding the bus since it’s gonna be a 8-9 hours long journey. (On the way back, the trip was about 7 hours.) For convenience, there’s a huge 7-11 at Mochit Station for you to stock up on some food.


Bus interior.

The seating is normal and comfortable enough for a 5-6 hours drive. The actual drive from Bangkok to Siem Reap without traffic would be only about that, however, with all the waiting at the boarder, the trip is 8 hours+. The scam alert in the next paragraph is what we experienced, just be cautious, there’s no guarantee that it will not come back ;)


Scam alert (our experience as of April 2013:) Before you get to the boarder, the bus will stop here claiming that you can get your visa done. They will charge you 1,200 baht ($40) which is more than you would if you were to do your e-visa which costs $ 28. The only good thing about stopping here is the clean toilet. So if the staff tells you to get off the bus, just have a go as this is your only bathroom stop. You pay 5 baht for a toilet that’s actually clean, and it was so clean we had to take a picture to prove it. The bus does have a toilet, however, it is much filthier and has a distinct and pungent urine aroma.  The choice is yours!


So fresh and so clean clean.

New experience: No more scam stop (as updated by you guys from later in 2013 and 2014.)

“A few updates:
– They don’t try the scam stop anymore, our experience at the border was very quick and easy.
– There was a stop at 11:30 am at a rest stop that had food (thai restaurant stalls and a Western coffee shop) and a nice bathroom (although squat toilet)
– They handed out breakfast (pastry), lunch (hot 7-11 fried rice with crab), water, and a cool towel.” – jonandjenwohlers 

The food comes in a small amount, seems to be different every time (from what I hear from your updates) and may not be to your liking, so don’t rely on it and stock on food you like! (Especially when you are travelling with kids or a picky eater!)

When you are traveling as a group, it is highly recommended that you plan ahead and get your visa done prior to the trip. Everyone on the bus will have to wait for the few of you who did not prepare ahead of time. It’s simple, convenient, and will cut down at least 45 minutes of the time spent at the boarder


“VIP pass”

You will be handed this card on the bus, wear it and show it with pride. This card will allow you to skip the crazy lines outside, go directly into the a/c room (but still pretty hot inside) and wait in line to get your departure stamp. The bus staff will not give you any instructions, just leave as soon as the bus stops (after the scam building) and follow the group (run!) to get checked out of the country. A few seconds faster could save you a lot of time.

The building where you get your arrival stamp. Photo:

The building where you get your arrival stamp. Photo:

After you get your departure stamp, follow the crowd and walk across the Cambodia boarder to get your arrival stamp. After the bus drops you off at the Thai Boarder, and while you get your departure stamp, the same bus will be waiting over by the Cambodian boarder. You will need to get your passport stamped again at the building circled in the picture …or, the tip we learned on the trip is to give a 100 baht to the bus staff, he will get your passports stamped and you can wait comfortably on the a/c bus instead of having to wait in line (yet again) in intense heat and humidity.

From this point on, it will be easy breezy. Just relax and sleep or observe the Cambodian countryside. The bus driver will make some dubious but quick stops along the way, but the official one will be a building among a small row of shops named Nattakarn Bus Company(reference location will be KFC, the office is close to the only KFC in town.) That is where you can buy the ticket back to Bangkok, and you should do so immediately upon arrival. The ticket back should cost $28 each.

The bus company is not known to most hotels, so just tell them its close to KFC if you get a free transfer from your hotel. If not, the bus company will introduce you to a tuk tuk driver who hopes to be of your service during your stay. A tuk tuk trip to anywhere within Siem Reap should cost about 1-2 dollars each way. To hire a tuk tuk driver for the entire day will set you back about 12-15 dollars.

On the morning of your departure from Siem Reap, Nattakarn should also provide a free pick-up from your hotel (if you paid $28.) The bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok leaves daily at 8 and 9 am. Good luck!

Update: Now you can get your bus tickets online! 

New route: Low cost airline flies to Siem Reap!


154 responses to “Direct Bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap: Step-by-Step Journey

  1. thanks for the sharing.. its help a lot :)

  2. Tara

    Thanks for the great info. I’m planning on taking this bus in June. I was wondering, were you able to get tickets pretty easily for the next day, or is this something I should go a couple of days ahead of time and get?

  3. Kevin

    They explained that the $28 ticket price is $25 + $3 fee. The $3 is extra if bought in Siem Reap to pay for the office expenses.

  4. todd hayase

    aloha. Looking at the e-visa application it asks for the vehicle/bus # of the direct bus from BKK to SiemReap. Is this necessary to do application prior to trip? How would we get this info in order to do e-visa? mahalo todd

    • I believe you do not need the exact bus info number. My husband actually applied the e-visa prior to us purchasing the tickets.
      It is actually beneficial to get the e-visa before the bus tickets. In my husband’s case, they actually issued the visa with
      wrong information, after several e-mails troubleshooting, they finally got it right.

  5. Lychantha

    I am thinking of using that bus as air ticket cost about AU$200 one way. Is it safe for a child (11 yrs) to travel with us. Regards

    • Yes, it is safe :) Just take your child to the bathroom at Mochit Station before you board the bus, even though it’s not clean, it will be much
      better than the toilet on the bus. Enjoy your trip!

  6. Thea Marcos

    do they selling return bus ticket since its run under the same Company I guess.

    • As previously informed in the blog, you can only buy one way ticket from Bangkok to Siem Reap.
      The ticket from Siem Reap to Bangkok you have to purchase once you arrive in Siem Reap at Nattakarn Co.

      Of course this could change or could have changed, but when I traveled earlier in April 2013, this was the process.

  7. Kamilah Halim

    Hi there! Thank you for posting this info. It is a great help.

    I will be travelling from Siem Reap to Bangkok – so my journey will be the other way around. Could you please tell me where I need to be to catch this bus, and also if there is anything I need to be aware of?

    Thank you!

    • You can purchase the ticket from a building among a small row of shops named Nattakarn Bus Company (reference location will be KFC, the office is close to the only KFC in town.) I recommend buying the ticket ahead of time as the bus can be full and the bus leaves at 8 am.

  8. Rudy


    just a question, is the bus station also open on a sunday ? And how many days before you leave do you need to buy the ticket or can you do it on the same day of departure ?


  9. Nick Coffill

    Very accurate description of the improved run. Well documented Berriesen.

  10. Thank you so much for this excellent blog post. My wife and I made the direct bus trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap today, and your post was invaluable. I just wanted to add a couple things.

    1. We bought our tickets yesterday afternoon, and the bus still had many spots open. But by this morning, the bus was full. I would recommend against trying to buy them the morning you want to travel.
    2. From the Khao San Road area, the best way to get to Mochit station is definitely by meter taxi. It should cost about 100-120 baht and can take an hour or more that morning.
    3. Thanks especially for the tip off about the scam stop, right before the border. They make it seem like you have to buy the visa there if you don’t have an e-visa, but you do not. We just walked around for a bit and then got back on the bus. They were asking for $30 or 900 baht for a visa.

    • Alex

      Hi – very useful site. Some questions, if the bus leaving bbk at 9am, and it takes 8-9hrs to get to the border(?), would the the visa office close by then? Read somewhere that it closes at 1700. Planning to buy the visa at the border, btw.

  11. Kimberley

    Hi guys, quick question…which border crossing does the direct bus enter in Cambodia through?
    Is it Poi Pet?
    Thank you!

  12. Kimberley


    Found a website where you can purchase tickets online.

    It only costs an additional 20 Baht per ticket, and a 46 Baht ‘convenience fee’ per payment transaction.
    Saves having to travel to the Bus Station in advance, you can collect your tickets in advance from one of their offices or at the bus station one hour ahead of departure time.

    Hope this helps!

    • Oh wow, thank you so much this is great news!

    • Nici

      Hi, I want to book my bus ticket online. Just made an account, but I can’t get any further than step 4. They want to know my passport number, which isn’t Thai, but Dutch. It seems that they want to know a Thai passport number. If I can’t pass step 4 I won’t be able to pay for the ticket. Does anyone knows what to do? Thanks in advance. Nici

      • azra

        i just bought the ticket. I they require Thai id card. U can put your passport no. therre so in ur ticket there will be passport No. show instead of Thai id card no. I did the same for my indian bf :)

  13. Athenix

    Hi! Thank you so much for this guide. This blog was really of big help. I would just like to give additional information for your readers as I just took this direct bus last Friday (June 28 2013).

    I was able to purchase the ticket online the day before our departure and would recommend this method especially if you plan to purchase it only on the departure date. The likelihood that it will be full is high and it will dramatically affect your plan. I just showed my online email receipt on my phone to the person on the ticket booth (Note that this is a different ticket booth from the bus company booth in the picture above. This is the Thai Ticket Major booth which is just opposite the bus company ticket booth.)

    Bus Station
    The Mochit Bus Station is NOT the BTS Mochit Station (train station) and it is NOT near it as well, at least not walking distance especially if you are carrying luggages. But going through BTS Mochit station is still the fastest if you are coming from city center. We took the taxi just after exiting the BTS Mochit station. 10-15 minutes and 60 Baht after, we arrived at the Mochit Bus Station.

    Currency Exchange
    There is only 1 currency exchange in the Mochit Bus Station (which is actually a local bank) but don’t expect to have your money changed here as this bank branch opens at 9am — the same time as the bus’ departure time. And the bus leaves quite prompt at 9:03am in our case. It is best to get your US dollars beforehand in the city center perhaps which will give you a better rate. In Siem Reap, the exchange is 75 SGD = 100 USD which is pretty much the same anywhere within Siem Reap. Current exchange rate is 78.90 SGD = 100 USD.

    Thailand-Cambodia Border
    Luckily for us, the bus did not stop anymore to this “scam building” which offers visa but interestingly some of the passengers are already aware of this scam as I heard them talking about it. Maybe they read this blog too! :) Going through Thai immigration is straightforward. As an ASEAN national, I did not need to get any visa for Cambodia so just follow the direction pointed by the sign “with visa”. The Cambodia immigration is less organized with only 4 windows. It took us about an hour to stand in the queue and process approx. 15 people ahead of us.

    The total bus trip is around 9 hours (arrived just before 6pm in Siem Reap bus stop). The Cambodia border stop took between 2 to 2.5 hours. I guess the visa-on-arrival processing took the most time.

    Hope this additional information will help.

  14. Hi, is there no earlier trip other than 9am? Thanks…

    • Currently there’s only one direct bus service (Bangkok -Siem Reap) that leaves daily at 9 am.
      There are other buses/ van services that leave earlier, but you will have to switch your
      transportation at the boarder. I didn’t explore other options since I wanted a direct bus to
      avoid hassles at the boarder.

      • Thanks for the reply. I am planning a two day trip in October to see Angkor Wat. It’s a actually a side trip from my Thailand Trip. I could only spare two days for that trip for Cambodia so I am really looking for faster means of getting to Siem Reap and maximize the only available time.

        • If you only have 2 days, I recommend going by air. My trip was 5 days, and I spared 2 days just for the commuting there and back.
          It takes at least 7-8 hours by bus and I think the direct bus was the faster ground option than others, as you get the express pass at the immigration on Thailand border.

          • Thanks for the advice. As I am still on the planning stage, I might consider staying for three days. Via air is out of my option and you know why :) … I would also asks some friends living in Thailand if they happen to get to Cambodia already and what’s the best option…Luckily I don’t need a visa so it makes a lot easier.

          • 2 days is fine if you already included in extra 2 days for commuting. Have fun! :)

  15. Kat

    This blog has been SO incredibly helpful as I’m planning our trip from Bangkok to Angkor Wat for October 2013. Do you know if the buses run every day – including Sundays? If they do travel on Sundays, I’m curious if it may take longer during border crossings, etc.

    • Yes, the bus runs daily. Our trip was on a Saturday and the line at the immigration was crazy, but weekend crowd is a standard anywhere really. As mentioned on the blog, if you travel with the direct bus you get the fast track privilege :) If anything changes then, kindly update me! Have fun!

  16. So much detail in a post! Well done! My friends and I are heading to Siem Reap this late July from Bangkok. I notice you did not mention how much does it cost frm BKK to SR, or is the fare of $28 frm SR back to BKK the same as to BKK to SR?

  17. Janis

    Hello, thanks for the very detailed info. I’m traveling to BKK next week with some friends and we are planning on going to Siem Reap as well. We are Philippine passport holders, so that mean we do not require visa to enter the country, but I have no idea if we still need to pay or anything…or do we just have to queue and have our passports at the ready? Thank you so much in advance. :)

    • No, then there should be no expense at the boarder :) Unless you are lazy to stay in line on the Cambodian boarder then you can pay 100 baht to get your arrival passport stamped. I don’t promote bribery but when I was there in April it was way too hot >_<!

  18. matt

    As said before, your post is very complete & helpful… I plan to go there too but my international flight to BKK arrive at 6.50am so it’s definitly too short to catch the same day bus !!! Are you aware of later bus schedule ?? I could spend the day in BKK and wait the next day bus but I’m kind of short of time and will spend anyway couple of days in BKK before my return flight…
    Many thanks

    • Currently there’s only one direct bus service (Bangkok -Siem Reap) that leaves daily at 9 am.
      There are other buses/ van services that leave earlier, but you will have to switch your
      transportation at the boarder. I didn’t explore other options since I wanted a direct bus to
      avoid hassles at the boarder.

      There is a low cost flying option now but the flights don’t take off until October.

      If you haven’t booked your hotels, put Cambodia in the middle of the trip, staying in Bangkok for a day
      or 2 to rest up before a 8-9 hour bus ride won’t be so bad :) The food here is definitely much better!

      • matt

        Tks for these infos…. Cambodia is only the beginning so it’s why I don’t want to waste time. I will be there on November so the flight could be an alternative. I will also check bus details if i split the trip…Tks again

  19. Baby Soliman

    Very helpful information and tips on how to travel to Siem Reap from Bkk. I plan to travel early August and good to know i wont have to pay for visa since i am an ASEAN National. Thank you for sharing :)

  20. suraj

    good info..just to know about the travel from siemreap tp pnom pneh and is it worth staying in pnompenh for 2 n?

  21. That is such a great post! We just bought the tickets today for trip to siem reap in 2 days. The guy behind us was trying to get on us for that day and apparently that morning and the next morning were both sold out so obviously becoming more popular Nd more people are figuring it’s out there. One question: it seems like you no longer need to do an evisa since you have the fast pass and others on bus will not be getting evisa. Bus will not leave without you if don’t have evisa, correct? Thanks!

    • Everyone on the bus gets a “VIP” pass, but needing an e-visa or not depends on your country of residence/ passport. The fast pass line is your departure stamp out of Thailand. The visa is to be shown as you arrive Cambodia, I’m from Thailand so I don’t need a visa to cross boarder into Cambodia, my husband is from the US so he needed to apply the e-visa to get into Cambodia. The bus will have to wait for every passengers, so no they will not leave without you. However, as the bus is not private, I recommend getting the visa before so it saves a great deal of everyone’s time.

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  23. EmmaC

    this blog is really helpful and accurate! thanks a lot!! so basically what you are saying is better to have an evisa in that case we will receive a VIP card and we can process our stamp faster.
    without evisa by the way it will take longer time but we can do a visa directly at the border right?
    I will cross check if I can get the evisa but it will be rushing so maybe better spend 5 minute at the border hopefully we can get it in a reasonable time…

  24. Sue H


    We made the trip yesterday and it was very easy. I booked the tickets online and picked them up on arrival at the bus station. Within 5 minutes of departure we were given a bag with a cake, orange juice and coffee powder in, they then came round with hot water for your coffee. We were also given a bottle of drinking water, a very pleasant surprise. The stopped at a service station after about 2 hours, so you could get off for supplies and use the toilets.

    The bus stopped at the scam building, we stayed on the bus and a hot meal was handed to us and left on the seats of those who were in the building. Continued to border, took 5 minutes to get visa, although annoyed that the guard demanded 200 baht, which he blatantly pocketed, but figured I’d be there hours if I did not! There was a massive queue at the cambodian immigration, but got there in the end. I suppose in all took about 1.5 to 2 hours. When we got back on the bus the passengers who had got scammed for the visa were a little miffed.

    Proceeded to Siem reap at break neck speed, arriving about 5.45 and purchased return ticket for $28.

    Overall, a good experience and definitely the best land option.


    • Nici

      Hi Sue, Maybe you know an answer to my question: I want to book my bus ticket online. Just made an account, but I can’t get any further than step 4. They want to know my passport number, which isn’t Thai, but Dutch. It seems that they want to know a Thai passport number. If I can’t pass step 4 I won’t be able to pay for the ticket. Does anyone knows what to do? Thanks in advance. Nici

  25. DC

    Hi, thanks for sharing this info.
    We will be going to Siem Riep via bus this monday.We have been trying for almost three days now to apply for the cambian evisa but the somehow the web-site does not work properly (we have tried from different computers and different providers…).
    Could you please confirm that it is possible to obtain the entry visa directly at the border without having applied for the evisa? I suppose we shall have to do that after we have got the exti stamp from thailand..right?

  26. Dan The Man

    Hi berriesenthusiast,

    Thanks for all the useful posts. I was wondering if you have any information regarding a return from Siem Reap to Bangkok as in the cost, time and if there are any complications when crossing the border. More specifically do you know if there are frequently delays when crossing back to Thailand. Thanks in advance :)

    • The answers are in the post :) The ticket back should cost $28 each.
      The bus company is not known to most hotels, so just tell them its close to KFC if you get a free transfer from your hotel. On the morning of your departure from Siem Reap, Nattakarn should also provide a free pick-up from your hotel. The bus to Bangkok leaves daily at 8 am.

      On the way back, the line flows much faster. However, I came back on a week day, so I assume weekend would be busier.

  27. Vineet

    Very informative blog…Can you pls suggest something on split journey as my arrival time in Bangkok doesn’t matches with Bus timing. I believe getting a bus from Mochit to Bangkok border will not be an issue…However my concern is about commuting from Bangkok/Cambodia border to Siem Ream..Any idea if getting a conveyance at border is challenge or easy? I will have e-visa so visa will not be an issue at the border…

  28. If you just google evisa cambodia, it is not that hard to get all the info you need. My blog is Direct bus from Bangkok to Siem reap: step by step journey, not “How to apply for an e-visa for Cambodia.”

  29. bruce g.

    Hi, Just wanted to know whom to approach regarding the 100 baht “convenience tip”, should I directly ask the driver about it? :)

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  32. ami

    Thanks for very informative blog, please let me know whether return ticket from cambodia is precondition for Visa on arrival. if so how can be manage since there is no online bus ticket available.
    how many days will be ok to visit siemreap, phonm penh and siankhvile
    considering by bus from BKK – Sieam reap-Phonm penh-Siankvile-Phonm penh to BKK by flight,

    • Your questions depend on what passport (which country?) you hold. For example, I’m Thai and I hold a Thai passport so I don’t need a visa. My husband is a US citizen and he had to apply for visa prior to the trip.

      I have only been to Siem Reap so I cannot answer your question, it depends on your personal interests, how much you would like to see, and how much time you have to spend on this trip. Have fun!

  33. Nor

    Thank you very much. Very clear step by step procedure. We really appreciate you concern for others. GOD BLESS YOU N FAMILY.

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  35. Hi, thank you for sending this detailed description. I succeeded to find the webpage, but when writing the words Siem Reap, it shows as the only option Siemreapt / Sa Kaeo … Is the Siemreapt same as the Siem Reap (despite the letter ‘t’ in the end), that you mention here above ? Kindly explain.

  36. iAn

    very informative…

    I am considering of taking the train to Aranyaprathet then tuk tuk to Poipet then bus to Siem Reap but it was too early. If I can’t make the 5:55AM depaerture, I may consider this route.

    • If you go by train, keep in mind that there is always a chance of delay. As in you could be getting there half a day (or more) later than expected. If you have plenty of time, it will no problem but if you have to stick to a certain time frame then I would not advise it.

  37. Mildred

    Wow thank you for the detailed post! My friend and i have been searching for a direct, safer route from BKK to Siem Reap and this is such a great help!

    Can i just ask, is the route safe for 2 girls?

    Thanks for your help!!

    • I think it was a very safe route. The rule of traveling is, you should never take advice/ follow anyone that approaches you. Do a bit of homework (which is what you’re doing now) and you should be fine. Siem Reap felt quite safe to me. My advice is to book a hotel that’s near town/ night market just in case. Have fun!

      • mildred

        i see! thank you so much for the advice (: also, do you have any advice on how to avoid the scams along the border (concerning the visa especially) ? ((:
        Do bring about more of your travel tales!

  38. Boert

    What “port” (border checkpoint) should I select when applying e-visa? Additionally, would you recommend to take the luggage out of the bus when going to the checkpoints, or is it safe to leave it in the bus?

    • I’m Thai so I didn’t need to apply for the visa, my husband applied and he “thinks” it’s Poipet(Cambodia) or Aranyaprathet (Thailand.) It’s safe to leave the luggage in the storage compartment, everyone has to leave the bus except for the bus driver. The bus will go on to wait for you on the other side of the border.

  39. Lychantha

    Thanks all the useful information. Is 7:00 pm dark already in Siem Reap. Should I book hotel ready or should I book when I got there?

  40. Nici

    Hi berriesenthusiast,

    thanks a lot for this great information. I will leave soon to Bankok and directly take the bus to Siem Reap the same morning. What I wanted to ask is, if it is save enough to give the passport to the busdriver for the stamp? thanks. Nici

  41. Hanny

    Perfect summary!!!! Thank you so much. So important and helpful to get clear and compact informations

  42. Sati


    One question, how do you log in? It says please confirm by side button on the right????


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  44. Elsa Mly

    Hi !
    This post is really helping and we are very thankful to you :)
    We plan to go to Siem Reap on February 23rd so we booked ticket buses via thaiticketmajor, and we got the choice between 2 departure times : 8 am or 9 am…But I’ve read in most reviews that there’s only one departure/day? Have you heard about this second departure possibility ? I’m asking because I’ve choosen the “8am departure”… :)

  45. Thx for the info. Very helpful.

    I was in the same route in 2005. The road condition on the Cambodian side was terrible. It took 7 hrs becoz the road was extremely bumpy with big holes everywhere.

    I have a question. Is there toilet on the bus? How many toilet stops during the bus ride? I’ll be travelling with an elderly. Toilet break is very important.


  46. nathalie

    Thank you very much for this detailed description. We did this trip today, there was no scam stop and we got two small meals on the bus, which was very nice. Tourist visa on arrival cost us $20, plus 100 Baht each. Bus staff spoke some english and gave instructions at the border. In Siem Reap, free transport was offered to Hotels in the city.
    We were really thankful to have your description at hand all the time and would recommend to anybody planning the same trip to read your blogpost carefully (including the comments :))
    Thanks again.

    • Great to hear and thank you for the update (especially no more scam stop, that was over half an hour!)

      Free transportation is more like a handed gesture in the hope for you to use their transport services during your stay in Siem Reap, which I think it’s fair.
      Have a great trip!

  47. Hello! – If I am taking this Bangkok-Siam Reap bus, what should my ‘port of entry’ be in the Cambodia e-visa application? I thought it’s Poi Pet, but the e-visa chat operator is asking me to pick Cham Yeam (Koh Kong). Who’s right?

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  49. Meghan Barwick

    Are there any reports updates as of now about the safety of leaving through Bangkok and road conditions?

    • I have not heard of any major violence news regarding the political situation in Bangkok for some time, if that’s the safety issue you’re talking about?
      There is always traffic in Bangkok, road conditions were fine from the bus station in Bangkok all the way to Siem Reap.

  50. Yasmin

    Great blog! What floor and booth at the Mochit bus station should I go to to get the bus tickets I will order online? Thanks

  51. Yasmin

    We are arriving Bangkok this weekend. If I purchase tickets online this coming Saturday or Sunday, should this be enough time if we need to leave for Siem Reap on Monday morning? Thanks

  52. NengJu

    Are there buses that leave Bangkok at the wee hours in the morning going to Siem Reap?

  53. I can’t seem to reserve or book a ticket online. Mainly because language on the site is Thai. =/ Would you know if Mochit Bus Station is near Pratunam? Also, since we’re planning to ride a direct bus, when we get off to hve our departure and arrival stamp, do we still need to carry our luggages with us or is it okay to leave them in the bus? Thanks! =)

    • Yes, I have heard it could be difficult. May have to refresh or try a few times, but it has be done by a non-Thai person :)

      Mochit bus station is not close to Pratunam, but you can try catching a cab to Phayathai BTS station and then ride the BTS to Mochit/ Jatujak BTS Station.
      Refer to my post However, if it’s early morning or if traffic doesn’t look too horrible, you can just catch a cab all the way to Mochit bus station.

      As for the luggages, you can leave them on the bus at your own discretion. If it’s packed away in the below bag storage, it should be safer. Just bring your valuables with you.

  54. Here is my experience from yesterday:

    – Buying tickets online is simple, no thai needed, just click on the british flag.
    – Go to bts Mochit, get a taxi to bus station: cca 55 baht
    – find Ticket Major booth on ground floor, hand them your passport and say “internet”
    – go to platform 106, bus arrives cca. 8:50
    – there was no scam stop, you get a hot spicy meal
    – getting visa on arival (not e-visa) was not a hassle, it took max. 10 minutes and saves you $7, you will have to wait at the bus anyway. 20$ or 800thb.
    – people forget that visa is not enough – you need to go to another booth and fill out a form and get your fingers scanned etc.
    – drop off at KFC, free transport to hotel was promised (I didn’t use it)

    I would recommend this 9 hour trip only to budget travelers, because it may be worth to pay a few extra $ for a plane for others.

  55. Thanks for finally talking about >Direct Bus from Bangkok to Siem Reap:
    Step-by-Step Journey | berriesenthusiast <Liked it!

  56. Diane

    is there a midnight bus that gets you there in the morning from BKK

  57. aboubacar

    Salut je suis un ivoirien j ai besoin d informations. J ai un visa 3mois 2 rentre. C est a dire apres les 3 premières mois . Je sortir et rerentre. Je voilais alle visite siam reap. Quand les 3 mois vont arrive. Je savoir il y a pas te problème. Par que j ai des amis qui mon informé que les africain passe par la route est tre difficile. Immigration nous demander que ns passont par aéroport. Ou ont demandé l argent de poches ( ci ces vrais combien ). Sur la route il y a pas de danger? J ai envie vraiment te voir siem reap. Merci

  58. salut je suis un ivoirien j ai besoin d informations. j ai un visa 3mois 2 rentre. c est a dire apres les 3 premières mois . je sortir et rerentre. je voilais alle visite siam reap. quand les 3 mois vont arrive. je savoir il y a pas te problème. par que j ai des amis qui mon informé que les africain passe par la route est tre difficile. immigration nous demander que ns passont par aéroport. ou ont demandé l argent de poches ( ci ces vrais combien ). sur la route il y a pas de danger? j ai envie vraiment te voir siem reap. merci

    • (I google translated your question)
      Regarding visa issue, I would recommend asking friends with the same nationality (passport.)
      Is the road dangerous? Not at all. But there are some scams at the boarder. If you take the bus, you just follow the crowd and
      there would be no problem. Just like the rules to traveling anywhere, don’t respond to people that eagerly approach you.

  59. Thanks SO much for the info! We used your post for our journey! :)

    A few updates:
    – They don’t try the scam stop anymore, our experience at the border was very quick and easy.
    – There was a stop at 11:30 am at a rest stop that had food (thai restaurant stalls and a Western coffee shop) and a nice bathroom (although squat toilet)
    – THey handed out breakfast (pastry), lunch (hot 7-11 fried rice with crab), water, and a cool towel

    Very good experience overall!

  60. marce

    Thank you for the information. I would like to ask about the visa thing. Do we need to buy that $28 visa when we got to the boarder aside from the 750 baht fare? We’re from the Philippines. Thanks.

  61. markus

    Thx so much for this information. We just did the bustrip and it is exactly as you described. Except they no longer do the scam stop and food in our case was eatable.

    • Gail

      do Filipinos still need to get a visa (evisa) when going to Cambodia (from Thailand)?

      from what i heard is that Filipinos don’t need a visa anymore when going to Cambodia from Thailand.

      im interested about this because i will be going to BKK then Siem Reap this coming November.

      hoping for your reply.

  62. Tun Tun

    Thank you so much for your complete information. How can I get the reentry visa for Thailand. As I am from the ASEAN country, no need to get the visa for Siem Reap but on the way back to Bkk, I think I need visa for Thailand . So can I get thailand visa at the border?

    • I think you can get the visa at the border, but it’s best if you ask someone of your nationality or just google it to be 100% sure :)
      Just don’t forget the arrival stamp on your way into Cambodia, I remember someone had a difficult time re-entering Thailand without that.
      I’m Thai and my husband had a work visa, so we didn’t need to check on the re-entry visa.

  63. Christmae

    Hi thanks for the info. Just want to ask if is allowed to bring my pet cat to Seim Reap. Thanks

  64. Is there a night bus that goes from Bangkok to Siem Reap and a night bus from Siem Reap back to Bangkok so you don’t have to spend a whole day on the bus?

  65. Pingback: Joys of travelling from Bangkok to Siem Reap by bus | samester abroad.

  66. Non Existent

    it’s really good and helpful for the travelers

  67. Vincent Ramazotty

    Can u tell me where it bus stop? (When we at siem reap from bkk)
    And how we can back to bangkok from siem reap? Are we use the same bus?

    What about use thai baht at siem reap?

  68. Hello admin of this site, do you allow guest posting ?
    Please let me know, i’m interested .

  69. Dária

    Hello, do you have experience with e-visa ?????

    We are going to Siem Reap at 5. february and I already bought e-visa on side you recomended ( )

    But they didn’t send me nothing, I just found on the side my applications and there is written pending, not approved ….. what should I do ????

    Thanks, :-)

    • Sorry for the late reply, the website I gave is the official site to get Cambodian visa and I am not in any way associated with them. I assume it’s the peak season so the response time is slower, hope you got yours approved in time.

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